3. Trailer mechanics

The trailer will be another big part of the game. Each life support unit will be mounted on a trailer, giving the player the ability to arrange and move the modules easily and realistically. The habitat modules will have a special trailer, designed to attach and lift them for transportation. This is the initial result… Continue reading 3. Trailer mechanics

2. The winch

The winch system is important for the gameplay I have in mind. It’s also something that is missing from games in general and I intend to fill that gap, as I believe it will bring a lot of joy to players. It will change the typical gameplay experience you get from similar games. The Rope… Continue reading 2. The winch

1. The cyber truck 3D model, suspension and controller

The first step – making the 3D model of the cyber truck. I had some progress on suspension and controller for a vehicle from a previous project so it was just a matter of fitting them onto the truck and adjusting settings. Next on the list – the winch.