10. A ton of 3D modeling

In this post I will showcase the recent 3D models and textures I made along with some explanations of what they will do in game. Starting with the Tesla battery… The original tesla battery modules are while, but I really like how that aged red metal worked out so I ended up leaving it this… Continue reading 10. A ton of 3D modeling

8. First person update

This update will showcase the latest addition to the game – the first person mode. I will have to admit that it was harder than initially anticipated to properly implement that feature with all it’s details – head movement followed by body movement to simulate realistically a person looking around. A significantly faster and easier… Continue reading 8. First person update

7. Mars terrain

The final game map will be a giant open world, featuring real Mars locations. The terrain will be created using heat maps from Google Mars and rover/satellite images of the terrain. The process is extremely time consuming and methods like procedurally generated terrains are a lot faster to create, but what I will gain in… Continue reading 7. Mars terrain

6. Low gravity tests

Mars has a significantly lower gravity compared to Earth’s (About a third). Changing the gravity within Unity is a simple process. The trouble comes when all scripts and physics based calculations need to be altered as well. They work as you would expect them to on lower gravity. This makes the game realistic, however it… Continue reading 6. Low gravity tests

5. The SpaceX Suit

Building on top of the character progress, here you can see the process of rigging the modeled SpaceX suit and setting up the character. In the future I will be adding the life support backpack. This is the rigged character in action. The final product is a combination of a few asset (which I stripped… Continue reading 5. The SpaceX Suit

4. Character interactions

Here you can see in action the basic scripts, responsible for exiting/entering vehicle and basic locomotion for the character in 3rd person. I will be implementing 1st person in the future.

3. Trailer mechanics

The trailer will be another big part of the game. Each life support unit will be mounted on a trailer, giving the player the ability to arrange and move the modules easily and realistically. The habitat modules will have a special trailer, designed to attach and lift them for transportation. This is the initial result… Continue reading 3. Trailer mechanics

2. The winch

The winch system is important for the gameplay I have in mind. It’s also something that is missing from games in general and I intend to fill that gap, as I believe it will bring a lot of joy to players. It will change the typical gameplay experience you get from similar games. The Rope… Continue reading 2. The winch