8. First person update

This update will showcase the latest addition to the game – the first person mode. I will have to admit that it was harder than initially anticipated to properly implement that feature with all it’s details – head movement followed by body movement to simulate realistically a person looking around. A significantly faster and easier approach would have been to disable the body and implement a simple 1st person controller without player body visible, but it was worth the trouble to simulate the body in 1st person just as it appears in 3rd person. That greatly helps improves the overall game quality and will be a must when (at some point in the future) I start working on co-op. I have also added the high-low beam function for the headlights. See the full video below!

On a side note – I think I have decided on a game location. After some research I found out that SpaceX is considering 9 landing sites for their mission, 8 of which are pretty close to each other.

The one I chose is right here:

More big updates coming soon!

You can follow the progress here in the website (make sure to submit an email to stay up to date) or on my twitter account here.

Stay tuned!


    1. Hi, I think that spreading the conversation on too many places is not ideal and would prefer to keep it confined to twitter and the website for now.

  1. Hi! Is really great how this is going on! I’m creating my portafolio/ reel of music production and composition for games. I would like to contribute to this proyect, just looking for experience no money. Just let me know ! https://youtu.be/j0UMeGR-Eaw

  2. Hi Lyubo,
    Just saw your tweet on some other page and created my first tweeter account..i also live on BG if you like we can catch up ….btw i am from india

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