9. Cargo Elevator and base trailer

The last two things I added are the cargo elevator (which will be the spawn point for all the equipment in the game) and the base trailer (which will serve as the foundation for the crane (kuka arm) and the rest of the equipment).

The cargo door and elevator are animated and fully functional (some more work will be done on them in terms of remodeling and additional functionality).

The trailer has realistically simulated physics and the suspension reflects weight placed on it. Still need to make it attachable, as well as some more texturing.

Oh and in case you missed it, Elon replied! It’s not the ideal reply, but at least my project is (somewhat) on his radar now!

More stuff coming soon. Stay tuned!


  1. PLEASE make this a co-op game. I have a hard time finding games both my bf and I can play together, on the same screen. Split screen isn’t needed, in my opinion. Thanks and can’t wait! A space or “Mars” version of “7 days to die” would be cool. That’s our fave game but devs won’t continue to update, etc. On console and it’s so very disappointing. Keep up the great work!

  2. Is it the Moto of the player is to return back to earth ?
    And for survival what he has to do in the empty Mars and how to make it more adventures

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