10. A ton of 3D modeling

In this post I will showcase the recent 3D models and textures I made along with some explanations of what they will do in game.

Starting with the Tesla battery…

The original tesla battery modules are while, but I really like how that aged red metal worked out so I ended up leaving it this way. The player will connect the solar array to it and draw power from it for other equipment. Some maintenance will be required like changing a blown fuse etc.

Next up we have the Moxie.

Moxie is a module that produces O2. Developed by NASA and currently tested on Mars (1:100 scale mounted on a rover), the unit will require care as it has a lot of components that need to be looked after. The components you see inside are based hugely on the actual NASA design.

Water Vapor Adsorption Reactor (WAVAR).

This unit is simpler in design (again, this is the actual design in real life). It consists of a filter, a fan, zeolite bed and a condenser. Just like the Moxie, it requires power to function and will need repairs form time to time.

A very important component is the crane. The model is …waitforit… DOGErpillar. Not much to say about it apart from the fact that it will be mounted on the trailer and will be used to move equipment around. The picture shows the unit getting dusty over time (applies to all equipment).

Placing and powering the Sat. Dish module will provide the player with a low orbit satellite image based map.

The solar array is pretty self explanatory. It will need to be cleaned regularly in order for it to work on full capacity.

Portable life support system (PLSS) a.k.a “The backpack” is the player’s best friend when it comes to surviving on Mars. Provides O2 and heat. Its fitted with a CO2 scrubber to maintain breathable air inside the pressurized suit.

Last, but not least – The GME trading view TV

Yes, this is more like an Easter egg, but it will serve as a reminder of what happened the last few days – “Dumb money” outsmarting “Smart money”. Truly epic! That’s why the TV will be in the game as a tribute to that moment!

Let’s not forget that if we unite, we are stronger than the biggest institutions or organizations!


    1. Yeah, you should really figure this out! Is anyone besides you working on the game right now? Could you develop it faster with more money/people?

  1. Hi, please let me know when I can start investing. I definitely think that this game shows great promise.

    1. For now there is no option to invest. You can donate if you want to support the project! Thank you for the interest!

  2. Hi
    I love the progress you are making….been following you for a while and once again my admiration for your tenacity….cannot wait for this game.
    Just a few questions….is this a survival game, are there guns involved, multiplayer etc and will it run on a Dell laptop or will I have to upgrade?
    Thanks 🙂
    I am a songwriter here in SA so if you need original music, I will be happy to create something to suit.
    All the Best on your venture


    1. Thank you! For now there are no guns planned 😀 It will be mainly e technically oriented survival experience.

  3. Hello there, I’m really liking what I am seeing so far! One quick question though, do you have any plans for this game to include multiplayer? If not, would you consider attempting to add it at a later time? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  4. Hello, I run a digital marketing agency for local businesses and franchises here in the United States.

    I would love to donate my marketing experience and volunteer on the team helping increase your social presence and email list of soon-to-be martians.

    Let me know if you could use a hand, would love to share with you what I have in mind!

  5. Quick question, do you plan to have a weather system? Example, every now and then a dust storm (no more than 5 minutes) will come through the area and the player will need to seek shelter in the base/starship/cybertruck. Perhaps small dust devils could also come by every now and then. Solar flares and radiation events as well. Either way, it’s just an idea and of course you make the final decision, I’m just throwing it out there.

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