11. The biggest update to date.

Hello everyone!

Its been a while, so this will be a huge update.

Starting chronologically I should say that the amount of optimizations I did is crazy. FPS were squeezed from everything! Occlusion culling with a lot of custom elements, LOD’s, loading/unloading sectors of the map that are not visible (On top of o.c.), greatly resizing and refitting environmental elements to reduce tris count etc.

I’m happy with the result at this stage.

Next up we have the Dome/Habitat Modules. The habitat will consist of snappable walls, floors, roofs and Airlock connectors.

The player will be responsible for connecting H2O, O2 and electricity, as well as setting the interior as he whishes.

Below you can see the Habitat assembled (manually at this point as the snap mechanic is not yet in the game) and also parts of the storage system – crates and shelves.

A short video showing the last version of the picking up/dropping/ placing objects.

It supports a call to action pair of buttons, object zoom in/out and object rotation on all 3 axes.

Another addition you can see in the video is the dirt effect on the glass visor. The dirt level will change over time and will require maintenance. The Glass visor only appears in 1st person mode. Here is a behind the scenes footage of how its achieved.

The crane is also functional. All I need to do is the proximity check with the tablet in order to allow control.

Speaking of the tablet…here it is. The UI is still a work in progress.

A lot more little thighs were done under the hood. Stay tuned as a lot more is coming soon!


  1. Question, will we be able to go and live and walk around in Starship while we build the base? That would be really cool.

  2. Hey are you still working on the game? Im still keeping up to date because im highly interested in playing one day! I hope everything is swell and that you are safe!

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